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Unable To Move One Leg


We'll help you live each day to the healthiest. I was in the ICU for a couple days, after which I was moved to the neurology unit. And few more questions: You've mentioned you are about 7 years in this condition. It's a safe forum where you can create or participate in support groups and discussions about health topics that interest you.Second OpinionRead expert perspectives on popular health topics.Message BoardsConnect with people http://blacklex.com/to-move/unable-to-move-app-to-sd.html

That is why I have gravitated towards the alternative therapies. I haven't had any injury or fall or accident and my tests show any autoimmune disease. Doc here said she could do MRI and other tests BUT since I want to go to Mayo clinic, she claimed they would just do them over again. Its the unpredictability that I find hard.

Unable To Move Legs And Arms

Expert Orthopedic Care Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Holistic Cancer Care Home Care Frequent Laxative Use? Thus, if leg weakness is treated during this period, the permanent damage to nerves can be avoided and leg movements can come back. I am going to the fish oil and flax seed and anything else I can find. Report Abuse Like/Dislike 0 Up Down squirtatious on 05/02/2010 4:22pm Oh kasey how frustrating for you!!

  • Nerve damage that affects your legs, feet, toes, hands, and arms is known as peripheral neuropathy.
  • UPMC Pittsburgh, PA, USA | UPMC.com Log in or Sign up Phoenix Rising ME / CFS Forums Home Forums > Symptoms and Treatments > Symptoms > Neurological/Neuro-sensory > How we can
  • He told me I was going to need back surgery.
  • At first it became noticeable about 6 months after starting it and realizing that not only had we stopped our downward slide but we seemed to be slightly better.
  • I never really learned how to walk in crutches, it’s actually a bit harder than I originally thought.
  • These nerves include the nerves of the legs, arms, abdomen, and chest.
  • hard to do, sometimes, though.Sorry to be verbose, these two postings.
  • They are called peripheral (per-IF-er-ol) nerves.

Lisa Lisa, Aug 9, 2009 #16 Angel Messages: 97 Likes: 2 an island in Florida robots HI Lisa: I like your idea of bringing a lunch. Report Abuse Like/Dislike 0 Up Down Kasey443 on 05/14/2010 9:47pm I'm sorry to hear about your back pain Kimber. Thank you for your helpful suggestion. I Can T Move My Leg just walking for a short distance can make symptoms worse and if I'm in a bad phase I use a wheelchair.

Is it just the muscle weakness that you struggle with or are the other ME symptoms big stumbling blocks for you too? Sudden Inability To Move Legs Did you make any other changes, during the treatment's period, such as changing your diet etc.?I appologize for the "investigation", but your story inspired me and I'm very curious for all Share This Page Tweet Phoenix Rising ME / CFS Forums Home Forums > Symptoms and Treatments > Symptoms > Neurological/Neuro-sensory > Log in with Facebook Your username or email address: Do I had back trouble at the time of diagnosis which I was given Medication to help with the main concern was ms.

It may help to remove damaging antibodies from your blood. Legs Give Out Without Warning It looks like I may need surgery for my legs, from what I have read. Good healing! I am unable to walk up or down steps/stairs.

Sudden Inability To Move Legs

Read More » The Fight to Become My Parents’ Caregiver Read More » Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Close Advertisement As the fastest growing consumer health information site — If I had known all the problems and things that came up later with doctors not believing anything is wrong, or with getting disability pensions, I would have insisted more strongly Unable To Move Legs And Arms Please search again or try locating your symptoms using the body image. Inability To Move Limbs Removing the growth will relieve the pressure on your nerve.

So far, still do not know the reason. http://blacklex.com/to-move/unable-to-move-forward.html Zip Code Go The zip code you entered is not valid Remember my zip code In Your Area Across the Nation Local Air Quality for: City, ST (change location) Good Hazardous Right now all I can think of is making it up the 4 flights of stairs in my apartment building so I can enjoy the summer. How often you get your treatments? Unable To Move Legs After Waking Up

Wunderbar, Herr Doktor! leg movement limitations, if I do imbibe more than that.So that's it on severity, over the years. I was taking prescription strength co-codamol every day but recently I've been able to stop taking it. weblink Keep hanging in their and I'm glad you have someone to come in and help you!!

The decreased blood flow can result in tissue damage. Legs Give Out For No Reason DownloadLiving Healthy CentersView AllDiet, Food & FitnessDiet & Weight ManagementWeight Loss & ObesityFood & RecipesFitness & ExerciseBeauty & BalanceHealthy BeautyHealth & BalanceSex & RelationshipsOral CareLiving WellWomen's HealthMen's HealthAging WellTeensFit KidsFeatured TopicsOvercome However, the medicines have to be continued for many months, or sometimes even a couple of years.

If you are concerned about the level of care that you are receiving then you should seek a second opinion.

Even with the physiotherapy, my legs are still weak and it's unbearable knowing that this started all of a sudden. Leg weakness caused by spinal cord or nerve compression are treated by surgery more often than by medicines. I haven't had that particular experience, but I know there are other folks who have had -- I guess it would be a form of temporary paralysis? -- in various parts Femoral Neuropathy desserts...

First times ever having mri's. After sitting there for quite a while and honking my horn for help, no one heard me, I was finally able to pick up each leg with my hands and put Finally I borrowed a walker and stood with it, so that I could stand without bearing weight on that left leg. check over here I struggle to use it outside or get into a vehicle and now am paying for it.

Thanks again for the encouragement! For me they started off on the iliacus and psoas muscles. In GBS, the body’s immune system attacks these nerves. Some of them just might make a difference for you.

After sitting there for quite a while and honking my horn for help, no one heard me, I was finally able to pick up each leg with my hands and put Long story short (too late, lol) - try to give the anti-oxidant supplements about six months to see if they do anything for you. I don't really care how sticky you are.FollowThis Happened to MeLife is made of stories. I also would suddenly loose control of the muscles in my leg and just drop.

This commenting service is simply intended to guide patients, but we can neither diagnose or advise on treatment. They checked me over very very well, ER doctor, then had ortho and neuro come down and check me. I see this post is over a year old. This article was informative.

The shooting pain, which travels from the lower back to the knee or the ankle, is because of the irritation of the nerves caused by compression. The new symptoms that came on are caused by me having to use this stupid walker. Discussion in 'Neurological/Neuro-sensory' started by Dale, Jul 26, 2009. I forgot to tell you I was on my feet yesterday about an hour shopping ( something I could not normally do without pain ) and did have some pain in

My left leg turns out and is VERY weak, it gives out at the knee, the right is a little better than left.