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Unable To Open Configuration File /etc/squid/squid.conf 13 Permission Denied


When you see this in response to a URL request, it probably means the origin server web site is temporarily down. Jan 9 16:18:39 rigel squid[5721]: Squid Parent: child process 5723 exited due to signal 6 Jan 9 16:18:42 rigel squid[5721]: Squid Parent: child process 5730 started Looking at the permission: /var/spool/squid This error message usually means that the squid.pid file is missing. Squid uses 100% CPU There may be many causes for this. check over here

I've begun down the path of trying to modify the sample shell script they give, but because my Squid isn't installed where they install it by default, I'm a bit lost. Do not use miss_access at all. Please set 'visible_hostname' Squid Cache (Version 2.6.STABLE18): Terminated abnormally. Post the output of Code: ls -l /etc/squid/squid.conf ubuntu help - ubuntuguide - ubuntugeek - psychocats - linuxcommand User# 424693 Adv Reply June 6th, 2008 #8 rraj.be View Profile View

Fatal: Failed To Make Swap Directory /var/spool/squid/00: (13) Permission Denied

And sorry for the super late reply –TheBro21 May 31 '15 at 12:49 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using FATAL: Cannot open /usr/local/squid/logs/access.log: (13) Permission denied In Unix, things like processes and files have an owner. I guess it could also happen if something made squid block for a long time. The whitespace characters should be encoded.

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  • Please set 'visible_hostname' Squid Cache (Version 2.6.STABLE18): Terminated abnormally.
  • Any other error messages (such as EPIPE: Broken pipe are logged to cache.log.
  • Connection Refused when reaching a sibling I get Connection Refused when the cache tries to retrieve an object located on a sibling, even though the sibling thinks it delivered the object
  • I promise to do a better job next time :-) 0 LVL 7 Overall: Level 7 Message Author Comment by:BarryTice ID: 107527452004-04-04 When I try to change the group permissions

Not the answer you're looking for? SELinux can also deny squid access to port 80, even if you are starting squid as root. Unfortunately, this is a configuration problem at the peer site. Squid Access Denied It could be a number of things, including: An overloaded origin server.

For example: echo 8893 > /usr/local/squid/logs/squid.pid Be careful of file permissions. It's possible that your Linux distribution already installed one in the / hierarchy (/etc, /usr/sbin, ...), and you compiled installed in in /usr/local (/usr/local/squid/etc, ...). The error appeared however as follows: /var/log/squid/cache.log 2007/01/09 16:18:52| Max Swap size: 102400 KB 2007/01/09 16:18:52| Local cache digest enabled; rebuild/rewrite every 3600/3600 sec 2007/01/09 16:18:52| /var/spool/squid: (13) Permission denied FATAL: Then uncomment the following line : http_access allow our_networks 0 LVL 7 Overall: Level 7 Message Author Comment by:BarryTice ID: 107889912004-04-08 Sorry, khkremer, but I haven't had an opportunity to

Is there a file somewhere that the preferences are kept in that I can make read-only for him? (At the moment I have the Mozilla directory owned by a "grownups" group, Error: No Forward-proxy Ports Configured. Those Who Can't Will Justify/Complain the reasons." Adv Reply June 6th, 2008 #7 kpkeerthi View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Ubuntu addict and loving it Join Date Jun 2006 Memory usage is a complicated problem. Buggy or misconfigured NAT boxes, firewalls, and load-balancers.

/var/run/squid.pid: (13) Permission Denied

Related Posts Howto Apache server implementating SSL certificate for a website January 28, 2011 Varnish cache: Installation and configuration on Centos 7 November 6, 2016 Memcached (Part – II) : How Squid Cache (Version 2.6.STABLE4): Terminated abnormally. Fatal: Failed To Make Swap Directory /var/spool/squid/00: (13) Permission Denied y Get:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main squid-common 2.6.18-1ubuntu3 [482kB] Get:2 http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main squid 2.6.18-1ubuntu3 [643kB] Fetched 1125kB in 8min26s (2222B/s) Preconfiguring packages ... Squid: Error: No Running Copy Run 'squid -z' to create swap directories if needed, or if running Squid for the first time.

Because the cache_dir line in the squid.conf file has 16 level-one directories and 256 level-two directories specified, I take this to mean I'm going to have to manually create 4096 directories http://blacklex.com/permission-denied/unable-to-open-dev-ttys1-permission-denied.html Ss 0:17 /bin/bash /etc/squid3/helper/redirector.shYou want the (squid) process id, 8893 in this case. Why am I getting "Ignoring MISS from non-peer x.x.x.x?" DNS lookups for domain names with underscores (_) always fail. Maybe you are running in the HTTP Accelerator mode and there is already a HTTP server running on port 80? Squid Allow All

The first solution is to create the PID file yourself and put the process id number there. Be sure to run "make clean" before configure if you have already run configure as the script might otherwise have cached the prior result. This can happen when Squid uses ICP, Cache Digests, or the ICMP RTT database to select a next-hop cache. http://blacklex.com/permission-denied/unable-to-open-dev-sdb-permission-denied.html The broken web service should be fixed instead.

Analyst Systems and Administration. Squid Configuration Join our community today! My Squid becomes very slow after it has been running for some time.

How do I increase them?

Your first point of troubleshooting should be to test with a newer supported release and resolve any remaining issues with that install. Cannot bind socket FD NN to *:8080 (125) Address already in use This means that another processes is already listening on port 8080 (or whatever you're using). One way is to increase the value of the maxusers variable in the kernel configuration file and build a new kernel. Squid Acl What can u suggest?

Some DNS resolvers allow the underscore, so yes, the hostname might work fine when you don't use Squid. He works as Devops Engineer with Taggle systems, an IOT automatic water metering company, Sydney . If the retrieved object is stale by Cs rules, it will be removed from Cs cache, but it will subsequently be fetched from S so long as it remains fresh there. have a peek at these guys This may be due to running Squid on an operating system with a low filedescriptor limit.

Also, thanks for the Squid help. Situations now emerge where the ICP reply no longer matches the HTTP request result. At that point, how do I keep my son from just going to his Mozilla preferences and connecting to the Internet directly rather than through the proxy? Each cache which "touches" a request must add its hostname to the Via header.

We've seen this happen when we ran out of file descriptors. DNS lookups for domain names with underscores (_) always fail. Yes, Squid supports Microsoft NTLM authentication to authenticate users accessing the proxy server itself (be it in a forward or reverse setup). My wife, uh, wasn't pleased with the amount of time I've been spending trying to configure this box, and I've spent time this week watching TV with her to make up

After this operation, 6300kB of additional disk space will be used. I'll grab the C++ file and install that tomorrow. CPU Usage: 0.056 seconds = 0.048 user + 0.008 sys Maximum Resident Size: 0 KB Page faults with physical i/o: 0 /var/log/messages Jan 9 16:17:32 rigel squid: Failed to make swap Cydoor aps will use both and will generate the errors.

your server ignored its clients for too long.