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Unable To Obtain Lock On Sync File


RSA key fingerprint is 9d:.......89. bzr revert Undoing changes Before commit: bzr revert, bzr shelve (bzr unshelve) After commit: bzr uncommit Getting a file from a previous revison: bzr cat Tagging "Tag names are non-whitespace Unicode Modelling tree structures in relational database management systems is always a PITA and takes a certain time to implement in the backend. Created new branch.You have now pushed in a new change into your brand new branch using bazaar on launchpad.net * Next time when you change something, commit it and you want http://blacklex.com/could-not/unable-to-obtain-lock.html

The lock file names are now based on the replica OID and not the replica name to avoid conflicts with the different replica families on the VOB server. If the \engine folder doesn't exist under \modules\analysis\, it will trigger a download of the \engine folder from the storage repository. This problem may also be related to ClearCase MultiSite 4.x defect RATLC00644795 where the file lock cannot be created because another lock file with the same name already exists. You signed in with another tab or window.

Unable To Obtain Lock On Adminserver.lok. Server May Already Be Running

Didn't had to remove spaces. { "chrome_path": { "osx": "/Applications/Google Chrome Canary.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome Canary" } } chriscantu commented Mar 29, 2013 N00b question: Those of you who got it working with Already have an account? Reasons for the version check to fail include network latency, file contention (too many other engines are currently copying or checking version), the storage repository becoming unavailable or corruption of the mkdir tmp cd tmp svnadmin create myprojectname echo '#!/bin/sh' > myprojectname/hooks/pre-revprop-change chmod +x myprojectname/hooks/pre-revprop-change #Need full path for thve first part (destination part) svnsync init file:///home/lucas/tmp/myprojectname https://myprojectname.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/myprojectname/ svnsync sync file:///home/lucas/tmp/myprojectname svnadmin

  • What am I missing?
  • Your public key has been saved in /home/lucas/.ssh/id_rsa.pub.
  • When weblogic server starts, it creates two lock files a) $DOMAIN_HOME/servers//tmp/.lok b) $DOMAIN_HOME/servers//data/ldap/ldapfiles/EmbeddedLDAP.lok When WebLogic server stops, it removes these two files.
  • bzr checkout lp:projectname datahub_trunk or bzr checkout sftp:[email protected]/~szybalski/datahub/trunk datahub_trunk or bzr checkout sftp:[email protected]/URL_OF_THE_PROJECT http checkout to sftp checkout If you have checked out an http code you can convert it to
  • For example, on installation of a new analysis engine, the modules cache will be empty, and will be created on the first analysis.
  • Import will not be attempted for this replica.
  • We have OIm9.1.0.2 installed on weblogic 10.3.0.We just tired restarting the server as part of maintanace,But the managed server is not coming up nor throwing any errors meseges.Below are the error
  • That is all.

Note: A similar error can occur during the export (sync_export_list) job. Does Chrome have to be closed for this work? Symptom The following error occurs from the scheduler while running the sync_receive job: Unable to open/create lockfile '/var/tmp/ms_recv_/usr/atria/config/scheduler/tasks/ sync_receive_/usr/atria/config/scheduler/tasks/sync_receive.mslock'; lock not granted. Weblogic "there Is The Same Running Task" I have not logged into console even once.

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Reply Name* Email* Website Comment Cancel Shanthi says October 31, 2011 I start the AdminServer, it goes to running mode at com.bea.p13n.management.ApplicationHelper.getWebAppName(ApplicationHelper.java:300) at com.bea.netuix.servlets.services.WlsLightCommonWebappServices._getWebAppName(WlsLightCommonWebappServices.java:163) at com.bea.netuix.servlets.services.WlsLightCommonWebappServices.getWebAppName(WlsLightCommonWebappServices.java:63) at com.bea.portlet.container.AppContainer.(AppContainer.java:141) at com.bea.portlet.container.AppContainer.getAppContainer(AppContainer.java:112) Truncated.

The naming of the lock file was based on the name of the replica which caused conflicts if there were multiple replica families that used the same replica names. The Persistent File Store _wls_adminserver Cannot Open File _wls_adminserver000000 Dat Teamcity, Jenkins, Chef, Grafana, Elasticsearch. The error message is "BEA-090078:User weblogic in security realm myrealm has had 5 invalid login attempts, locking account for 30 minutes". The onle thing I did not redo is the DB cleanup and the RCU before the reinstall.

Could Not Obtain An Exclusive Lock For Directory

If the VOB is locked (for example, locked before a backup), the import will not be allowed to proceed because it cannot write to the VOB at that time. Or beg an ssh to someone with bandwidth (and who doesn't have to pay for it :-). Unable To Obtain Lock On Adminserver.lok. Server May Already Be Running Upload the project Log into launchpad and [https://launchpad.net/projects/+new-guided register your branch}. Weblogic.management.managementexception: There Is The Same Running Task 11 Review the ClearCase MultiSite Administrators Guide on the topic of Automated Synchronization (cleartool man Automated Synchronization) for more information about automating synchronization requests and the receipt handler.

Contacttwitter: https://twitter.com/schakkogithub: https://github.com/schakkoe-mail: me at schakko.de Copyright © 2016. this content You signed out in another tab or window. Many thanks! I've tried Googling about profile lock and am guessing this is a Chrome thing but unsure of how to go about solving this. Could Not Acquire An Exclusive Lock To Start The Agent.

causes the issue above: "osx": "/Applications/Google Chrome Canary.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome Canary" Works "osx": "/Applications/GoogleChromeCanary.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome Canary" Owner sokolovstas commented Mar 17, 2013 Strange %) but I glad that all works fine sokolovstas Bazaar plugin for svn can at the moment be used to commit to, pull from, merge from, push to and view logs of Subversion branches from Bazaar. And the interesting thing is , this is not happening to everyone. weblink Note: If this is weblogic managed server (not Admin Server) then you can safely remove entire managed server directory (including sub directories) $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/ .

Solution 4 It is expected and normal to get a warning in the logs because the job that is second must report why it failed to do the import. Could Not Get The Server File Lock Server may already be running at weblogic.management. If this is the case then there is client which is configured to connect to Admin Server and weblogic password at client side is wrong.

Changing it to CamelCase for the app solved this.

A dump of the replica that is experiencing the import problem will identify the OID for comparison. Please note that I did not do anything on the DB. bzr whoamiUpdate the information bzr whoami "Lucas mylastname " Create a project Lets create a project cd mkdir myproject cd myproject mkdir trunk cd trunk touch README.txt License.txtAdd some files to Bea-141297 However I have hit a hurdle.

and indeed renaming the app to camel case and changing the path fixed the problem joelmoss commented Mar 20, 2013 I get this same error, but only when I have the I see this message every 30 minutes in AdminServer.log

Reply Name* Email* Website Comment Cancel Atul Kumar says October 31, 2011 @ Shanthi, Is this happening regularly ? chriscantu commented Apr 2, 2013 @cwebbdesign Can you please post the steps you did so I can duplicate them exactly? check over here follow me on: Leave a Comment: Name * E-Mail * Website Comment 21 comments Anand krishna says August 16, 2011 Excellent article, the site is always a great learning place.

In addition to the receipt handler, a scheduled job has been enabled to import synchronization packets as well. Related information Unable to get lock for replica Cross reference information Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition Software Development Rational ClearCase Scheduler Document information More support for: Rational ClearCase Synchronization Software internal.ServerLocks. The time now is 09:27 PM. - Contact Us - UNIX & Linux - unix commands, linux commands, linux server, linux ubuntu, shell script, linux distros. - Advertising - Top

Process one is :- TCP LISTENING 4492 Process two :- TCP LISTENING 3456 I can't make up my mind because when I look them up in the